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Ever since I started cosplaying in 2011, I discovered some skills that I would never have known when I was young.  One of them is putting makeup, which is actually one of the top requirements when cosplaying. In order to portray my characters well, I had to learn how to do basic makeup, how to create a flawless look, how to contour, and many more. This is especially true when I cosplay a male character.

Looking back at 2011, I can say that I have improved in both normal and cosplay makeup. However, I am not yet an expert. There are makeup techniques and tools that I don’t know yet, so I am still learning them.

See the difference of makeup in my cosplays above? I can say that I evolved, but I still have a lot to learn.

Left to Right: Yachiru (Bleach), Ken Murata (Kyou Kara Maou), Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra), Peggy Carter (Marvel's Agent Carter). Photos by a congoer, Dang, Marc, and Kokimonster

Part of my learning is discovering makeup brands that are compatible with my skin. For years, I have been looking for brands that will not only give me a great look, but will also make my skin better. Since I have sensitive skin, there are certain “very affordable” brands that irritate my face and, sadly, I crossed them out. Eventually, I found a few. But I am still looking for brands that will do well with my skin and with my different cosplay looks.

So when Janis told me about the Dearberry Philippines Bloggers Launch and Ms. Shaula Leong invited me to attend it, I didn’t think twice and said yes. It was held last September 3, 2016 at the Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Manila. I didn’t know what to expect because it is my first time attending a makeup blogger event, but I was very excited for it. When I got there and listened to the whole launch, I knew I found a makeup and beauty brand that is perfect for my skin.

So, without further ado, here are my top highlights on the Dearberry Philippines Bloggers Launch.

Brand Introduction

Odie Quintana and Marika Manuel from BamRock MDSG, a successful distributor of Dearberry, hosted the event. They first introduced the brand, which is known to provide “affordable high-quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature”. It believes in the simple truth that “healthy skin is most beautiful” and sticks to the basics that they must “keep skin healthy, then optimally solve target issues”. This is actually what attracted me to the product in the first place: they take care of the skin first because having healthy skin is what makes you beautiful.

Another aspect that attracted me to Dearberry is the products contain natural ingredients, such as berries, flowers, grains, plants, mineral water, and alpine herbs. All of these ingredients help nourish and revitalize the skin, something that every person needs. 

As you can see from the name itself, Dearberry products have berries in it, specifically, blueberries. It has an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that refreshes the skin. Every Dearberry product has what they call the berry complex, which consists extracts from eight berries: blueberry, acai berry, raspberry, aronia berry, elderberry, cranberry, blackberry, and strawberry. They help make the skin healthier, brighter, and glowing.

In addition to the berry complex, Dearberry products have gigawhite and niacinamide that provides bright and blemishless skin, while optimally solving targeting issue respectively.

You can also say that Dearberry products have high-quality standards because they’re manufactured by top-tier factories, like COSMAX and WINNOVA. COSMAX is the main manufacturer of L’Oreal group and other famous cosmetics, while WINNOVA manufactured popular Korean cosmetics like Tony Moly and The Face Shop.

And lastly, the reason they are affordable is because Dearberry has cut all the unnecessary costs. This way, they focus strongly on the quality of the products.

Before I forget, Vince Ting from Dearberry Korea said that he has high hopes for Dearberry Philippines and I am looking forward to his future plans for it.

Vince Ting from Dearberry Korea

Oh dear, I have bored you with the scientific stuff of Dearberry haha XD But at least you have a background about it before we go to the exciting and juiciest parts of the launch.

The Product Displays

The moment I entered the room, I was greeted with colorful and beautiful displays of different Dearberry products. I instantly fell in love with the cute and vibrant packaging that the moment I put my bag down, I took photos of the displays :D I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 

Clay Masks and Soothing Gel.
They're so colorful and cute!

Clearberry Cleansing Foam

Makeup Remover and White Clay Pack

Danbi Series

Berry Bright Skin Care Series and Snail Healing Mask

Photo Sharp Pack 

Honey Flash



Single Scoop Dome Brusher Chiffon 


Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow Shaper


Rockat Girl Eyelner (My favorite eyemakeup!)

Rockit Eyeshadow Set


Flirt Lipsticks

Twist It Baby Lip Glosses

Twist It Baby Shiny Lipglosses

Lip Service Lipsticks

Lip Balms

Lip and Cheek Tint


Coco Secret Recipe Hand Perfume

Trying Out the Products

One of the best parts of the launch is trying out the products. After the hosts introduced Dearberry, they finally told us about the products and their benefits. The more they introduced each product, the more I got attracted to the brand.

With every explanation, the Dearberry team would take the product from the display and let us try it. In fact, most of the launch was focused on letting the bloggers sample the makeup, skin care, and beauty products. As I mentioned above, it was my first time attending a blogger makeup event. So, I was very happy and enthusiastic to see and try the products in the flesh. I have never been this excited with makeup! :D

Blusher with Sponge

A Sample of a Flirt Lipstick

Long Lashmellow for the eyelashes

Bombi Aqua Miracle Gel

Play Choux (This is some sort of a primer. I tried it and it blends well with the skin. 

Pore-rimer. I would love to have this! :D 

I have a sample of this and will try it out soon!

Photo Sharp Pack. Would love to buy this too 

Dewberry crew showing us the products.

Also tried this in the event and I love that it has a powdery finish.

This product is used when you want to correct your makeup, like straighten a winged eyeliner. Well, I would want that! :D

Yes, you read that right. SNAIL :))

Meeting/Seeing Beauty Bloggers in the Flesh 

Even if I am an extrovert, I was still a bit shy in the launch. I rarely attend blogger events, so I am still discovering how to act around bloggers. It was a good that I was with fellow blogger, Janis. Even so, I tried to interact with a few of them.

For instance, my seatmate, Jacqueline, was so bubbly that I set aside my shyness and talked to her a bit. I even gave her my blogger card :). She was easy to talk to and I was able to interact with her when we were sampling their products. Though I wished I talked to her more because she had a bright face that would make you less tensed. I remember she told me that she was glad the bloggers were going around and interacting because she noticed they seemed tense before the event started. So cute :3

I also saw fellow blogger Moriela. At first I didn’t notice her, but when she said her name, yup, I knew she looked familiar. Visit her blog too!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to interact with other bloggers because I had to go home and, again, I was a bit shy. I am not used to being around beauty and makeup bloggers hehe. Though, throughout the event, I got a great vibe from them and I do hope to meet them in future events :D

Photo from the Dearberry FB Page

Makeup Session

After sampling the products and eating dinner, Dearberry held a makeup session on a model using their products. It’s good to learn some new techniques from the makeup artist, like how to properly apply blush, how to use the eyebrow pen and spool, and how to use eye shadows for contouring and highlighting. She also showed us how to create that natural, “no makeup” look with just a few products.

Winning the Raffle and Freebies!

Of course, the Dearberry Philippines Bloggers Launch wouldn’t be complete without some freebies. I got two sets of Dearberry products:

The first set came from their raffle. Yes, I won some Dearberry products and I’m really happy! :D I thought I wouldn’t win, but yehey! Together with the products, I also won a Starbucks Card :D

Woohoo! Winning the raffle prize! :D
Photo from the Dearberry FB Page

My prizes! :D

The second set of freebies is the goodie bag that every blogger received in the event.

Oh so many!!! :D

As you can see, I have a lot of Dearberry products that I am excited to try. In fact, I already tried some of them when I did my bridesmaid makeup trial and I am very happy with the results. I’ll be doing some reviews on the products soon, so better watch out for that :D

Final Say

Overall, for someone who is a first-timer in attending a makeup and beauty blog event, I enjoyed the Dearberry Philippines Bloggers Launch. I learned a lot of things and it was amazing to try out the products. I was also overwhelmed by the friendliness and warm aura that the organizers gave to all of us. I also love their enthusiasm when they were introducing the products because they put us all at ease.

It was also nice to see so many happy and enthusiastic bloggers in one room. I am a bit regretful that I was not able to interact with some of them, but now I know :) Next time I attend another event, I will get to know some bloggers.

I would like to thank Ms. Shaula again for inviting me to this event. I really enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to the future endeavors of Dearberry. 

Also, a big thanks to my fellow blogger, Janis, for telling me about this and for being more interested in makeup. Please visit her blog here! :D

If you want to learn more about Dearberry Philippines or are interested to buy their products, visit their website and social media pages:

BAMROCKMDSG (Dearberry’s Official Philippine Distributor)


Have you tried the Dearberry products? Did you like it? If you have any thoughts about Dearberry Philippines or my post about the bloggers’ launch, let me know in the comments section below. You can also interact with me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites.


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  1. I absolutely love Korean products!!! I am working to rebuild my makeup set and will definitely look into these! Do you know if they are available to purchase online to be shipped to the US?


    1. Hi La Kat, sorry for the late reply.

      I think they are available to ship in the US, since they also cater to international customers. :)

      You can check their website for details on shipping :D

      Yes, this is a great addition to your makeup collection :D



  2. Korean products are nice in terms of their nourishing and orgamic effects. I learned that these products contains berries so I think they are rich in antioxidants too. Where could I buy in the Phils?


    1. Hi Flordeliz,

      You can order through their FB and website fouund in my blog post above :D

  3. Everything looks good and your post made me want to try them all. And best of all they're pretty affordable too! :)

    1. yes they are very affordable, something that I really consider when buying makeup. Check out their site!

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  5. Thanx for the post, just today I was wondering again


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