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Hey, Genshin Impact players! We  just saw the Version 1.5 livestream last April 16 and it’s great to see new content coming this April 28. For sure, players will be doing a lot of things in the next few weeks.

I, for one, am very excited for the upcoming features and mini events. Before April 28 comes, here is a list of the 7 things that I look forward to in Version 1.5: 



7. Yanfei


At first, I didn’t consider getting Yanfei because I thought she was more of a long range/support character. But  I learned  she’s actually a DPS and decided to get her. I am also lacking Pyro characters, so she is a great addition.


I’m also interested in her story and personality as a Liyue legal adviser. And since Yanfei is a 4-star character and will appear alongside the Zhongli rerun banner, there’s a big chance I’ll get her (just like how I got C2 Rosaria in the Childe banner). 



6. Eula Story Quest 


One of the things I love about Genshin is the story quests because I learn more about the characters and their personalities. Just like Zhongli’s continuation of his story quest (more on that later), I’m also excited for Eula’s story quest---especially after hearing some tidbits about her in the 1.5 livestream. 


I’d like to know more about her family background, which were considered cruel aristocrats in Old Monstadt, and that she joined the Knights of Favonius to remove the family’s bad taint on herself. I know there is more to Eula than what they show in the trailer and I want to get to know her more. 



5. New Artifacts


While I’m already playing Genshin Impact for six months, it’s only recently that I learned about artifacts. From November to March, Marc was managing my artifacts because I had no idea how they worked. Come April, I decided to really learn about them and how to use them right. With the help of Marc and my friends, I slowly read each artifact, did artifact farming and running, and researched what artifact build is best for some of the characters I’m building, which are Razor and Diona. Thus, I’m very excited for the upcoming artifacts in 1.5. 


I would probably get the Tenacity of the Millelith because it’s perfect for my Zhongli, whose burst depends on his HP and will help make his Jade Shield stronger.



4. Hangouts Series II 


One of the things that I loved in the 1.4 Invitation to the Windblume Festival is the Hangout Event featuring Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun. I got to personally know the characters and I like the concept of choosing my responses. After playing the four characters, I hoped they have more Hangout Events in the future. True enough, 1.5 is doing that.


The Hangout Events II will feature Act II of the Noelle story quest, as well as a new one in the form of Cat’s Tail bartender, Diona! 


I’m glad that Noelle is getting a continuation because she’s my favorite among the girls in the first Hangout Event and I look forward to her character development. 


It’s also great that Mihoyo decided to add a new character with Diona. Ever since I got her and started building her, I’m curious about her story and why she doesn’t like Diluc and the Monstadt Wine Industry.


Overall, I hope to play more Hangout Events in the future---especially the husbandos. XD



3. Zhongli Rerun Banner


“You already have Zhongli. Why are you still pulling him in his rerun banner?”


Wait, uhm, is that even a legit question? XD


Kidding aside, yes I’m serious, I’m still pulling Zhongli in his rerun banner. Why?


Well, first, he’s my first ever 5-star character. Second, he’s my first husbando who still remains on my main team until now even when he is Friendship Level 10. Third, I loved him when he wasn’t buffed yet and I love him more now that he is buffed up. Fourth, I already have his C1, but a constellation is a constellation and I would love to level up his skills more. And lastly, I love Zhongli’s personality, aesthetics, fighting style, gentle and serious expressions, and everything about him.


Zhongli will always have a special place in my heart and those are enough reasons for me to pull him. I’ll be wishing all throughout his run, in the hopes of getting him.



2. Serenitea Pot Housing System 


After six months of playing and being curious as to where the Traveller sleeps when they’re not adventuring, Genshin finally gives the players their own home: the Serenitea Pot Housing System. 


The reason why this is number two is because I really want my Traveller and my characters to have a place they can call home. Here, I can decorate the outside and inside of my home, add furnishings, rest and relax, roam around, buy some stuff, and so much more. Plus, I can also go to my friends’ teapots! Even though I haven’t played SIMS, I’m very excited for this new game feature. Time to practice my home designing skills! XD

1. Zhongli’s “Historia Antiqua” Story Quest Act 2 and Azhdaha


The last, but definitely (definitely!) not the least thing that I look forward to in 1.5 is the Act II of Zhongli Story Quest “Historia Antiqua”, which involves the new boss, Azhdaha. As I said previously, I love the story quests of Genshin characters---with Zhongli, Childe, and Diluc as my favorites. Of course, Zhongli is the top choice because I got to see his personality as a mortal and how he’s dealing with his past.

In Act II of “Historia Antiqua”, Zhongli will be facing  his past again as the dragon creature, Azhdaha, broke his seal and poses a threat to Liyue. According to the 1.5 livestream, Azhdaha and Zhongli have a history together. In addition, a leak from the story quest showed that Zhongli created Azhdaha and became comrades. So, I wonder what happened for them to have a fall out? Well, I look forward to knowing more.

The Version 1.5 will be coming tomorrow, April 28, and I’m excited to do a lot of things in the next few weeks! For those who will be pulling Zhongli and/or Eula (and even Yanfei), good luck to you. I hope you get the character that you want. Have fun playing! 

What are you looking forward to in Genshin Version 1.5? Let me know in the comments section below. We can also discuss in my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

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