Why an Intelligent Toilet is the Perfect Cleaning Companion

10:12 AM

Keeping your toilet clean and disinfected is a good way to keep any dangerous bacteria out of your home, especially when you share a space with loved ones who are sick and can’t be quarantined in their own private quarters 24/7. A good rule of thumb is to clean your toilets as often as you can: at least a thorough disinfection once a week; two or three times a week when someone in your home is sick. But cleaning our toilets this often isn’t always manageable for everyone. If you or someone you love does not have the means to clean your toilet, consider getting an Intelligent Toilet for your home.

Touchless technology

Our hands transfer more bacteria than you might think. Intelligent Toilets reduce the number of surfaces our hands come into contact with by having a lot of functions automated—from the moment you open the toilet lid, to when you need to clean yourself, to after you finish your business and need to flush. The Veil Intelligent Toilet from Kohler, in particular, uses not only distance-adjustable sensors to automatically open and close your toilet seat lid, but it also features a sleek bidet that serves as a hygienic alternative to toilet paper. The bidet has a unique retractable design that lets the spray head get cleaned with electrolyzed water with every single use, ensuring superior hygiene and a germ-free experience every time. 


Powerful flushing that cleans deeply

A more powerful flush means a more efficient clean with less waste and debris leftover and stuck to the sides. Intelligent toilets often have functions that use water efficiently while maintaining powerful pressure ensuring that any waste gets flushed properly. The toiler furniture features Kohler’s patented CleanCoat technology that prevents dirt and bacteria from sticking to the sides of the toilet bowl.  


Automatic UV cleaning to kill bacteria

Even though our toilets may look clean on the surface, millions of bacteria can hide and thrive in areas we can’t reach. To ensure a sanitary environment, Kohler’s Numi 2.0 toilet features automatic UV cleaning technology that uses UV light to kill germs and bacteria invisible to the naked eye. 

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