Genshin Impact 2.7 Perilous Trail - Moment of Life and Death Cutscene - With Reactions

12:18 AM

The 2.7 Perilous Trail quest really gave me and my heart emotional damage---especially this cutscene. 😭 You can watch it below, but be warned: it comes with my reactions because I couldn't stop my emotions. You will hear me scream and get worried. 

As a #Xiao main, this scene made my emotions go into a roller coaster ride. I cried here, especially at the last part where Xiao did the self-sacrificing and I am not exaggerating. If you did this quest, you would understand why I am reacting this way. 

Thank you #Hoyoverse for creating one of the best archon quests in the game and one of the best cutscenes. You exceeded my expectations for this quest and you have upped your standards in terms of cutscenes. I look forward to scenes like this in the future. ☺️

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